Red Stamp Mail Workshop at the Agewell Computer Club

Posted on September 7th, 2011 by

I was pleased to hear that the Agewell Computer Club in Hackney, London, is organizing a workshop about Red Stamp Mail for its members. You know you're doing something right when people want to teach others about your product...

About the Agewell Computer Club:

We provide free computer and Internet classes for older beginners. You can think of it as a free Internet café – but it’s not just about learning computer skills. We have a constantly varying program, usually centred around the Internet – and anything else which has ‘digital’ in its name.

What we are really aiming for is to show you how you can use this new technology to improve the life you already have – getting involved in the community, being useful as a volunteer, finding employment, more frequent contact with your friends and family, saving money, saving time.

About the Red Stamp Mail Workshop:

We are asking workshop participants to pioneer and test Red Stamp Mail as an appropriate email system for all our members – especially new learners. Rick has been testing Red Stamp Mail for ten months, and is personally satisfied that it is what new learners need – but now we need your input. Even if you are happy with your default webmail system, you will probably be interested in this attempt to make life easier for people who are frustrated.

So thanks Rick, and good luck with the workshop!

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