User Testimonials

Red Stamp Mail really is a wonderful service, and I especially applaud the effort you took to make it simple without making it look childish. I evaluated other email services for seniors before finding Red Stamp Mail, but they were so juvenile-looking I knew my mother would find them unpleasant. The respect you show to seniors is much appreciated!

Sarah R.

I am looking forward to finally having email that both my parents can use no matter how they age or what comes after every new version of Windows.

Kevin J.

I like the simplicity of your application.  It should appeal to seniors.

Mike G.

I opened up an account for my mother today (she is 83 and was finding
it hard to use email) ... complements on the design. I think the Tabs are great and also the big buttons and the "Today", "Last week" sorting of mail. She found it easier to "catch" than other emails she tried.

Alon G.

I like the look and feel of the product as I am in my 70s and its simplicity appeals to me.

Gil B.

This looks like a good way to help my Mom figure out this email stuff.

Robbie B.

I think Red Stamp Mail could be a very good option for senior citizens here in the USA.

Tom H.

It was funny seeing my 76 yr old mother (who has no tolerance for the computer or answering her friends when they write) say "oh yeah, I could see how this would be a lot easier than what we are using now....ONCE I GET USED TO IT."

Alex S.

VERY nice product! Wish you luck!

Jacques N.

Great software for a great reason.

John G.

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